The safety of those who work in and near our operations has to be paramount. It is a basic requirement that an employer provides a safe working environment and that a set of rigorous rules and policies are in place to govern this and to minimise accident frequency and severity. We also care about the communities in which we operate. In this respect, being a good citizen means both the prevention of incidents that could endanger the health and safety of our neighbours as well as the reduction of nuisance caused by our activities.

The data in this section relates to the production sites (breweries, soft drink plants and maltings) where Heineken has technical control. The data though exclude our facilities in Gastein (Gasteiner, Austria, in 2007), Bad Brambach, Donaueschingen, Karlsruhe, Chemnitz, Kulmbach, Plauen, W├╝rzburg and Rosenheim (Brau Holding International, Germany) that did not submit a report. Collectively, these facilities represent less than
1 per cent of the total group volume.